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Watching DVD on windows 7 using VLC media player

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    I am trying to watch a dvd using VLC media player. I selected option " open disc" and then clicked on play but it gives the following message

    "VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///D:/'. Check the log for details."

    Please tell me what to do. I searched on google and got few results


    But could not understand anything.
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    i think one of the following suggestion in the forum should work fine.. which is to open the dvd folder first then use VLC to play the video in that folder
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    What did the log say?
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    I don't know how to check the log.
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    I clicked on computer. Then selected DVD RW Drive (D:)OFD DVD5 . Then it showed "Files currently on the Disc" (7) I clicked on one of those. Then it showed Files currently on the Disc" (4) I selected one of those as soon as I clicked on one of those 4 files I was directed to VLC media player .It looked like as follows


    Then I clicked on "Media" after clicking on "Media" It showed many options "Open File " ,Open multiple files", "Open Folder", "Open disc" . I don't know which one to select .
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    You can follow this tutorial to play your DVD with VLC player.
    Your most recently played items information and settings of your player are stored in files in "%appdata%/vlc" .
    By default, there is no log file for you to check, but you can create an instance of your vlc player and log its activities at run-time.
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    Is this not solved yet? Just uninstall it and install it again. Or get another player.

    Otherwise you need to check whether it is really a DVD what you are trying to open. If it is a Blu-ray disc, those things are encrypted. You will need something like this: http://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/

    But that is very old, I don't know if it will work for you.
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