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Having A problem with windows media player 11 and a DVD.

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    Umm my friend recently gave me a DVD with some physics videos on it that he thought that i should watch i got back to my room and the vids didnt work but then he tried it on his computer which also had windows media player and it worked perfectly so i dont really understand what is happening.

    The file extension is .mp4

    i went trobleshooting on the windows site but i came up with nuttin so i figured i would throw a post up here and see what you guys are saying.
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    Perhaps you need to install the mp4 codec manually.

    - Warren
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    any idea how i would go and do that?
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    Didnt think windows media player played dvd's out of the box, and I dont think that the codexs are free for that. Try a different player, like winamp and see if they have the correct codexs.
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