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Wave Equation After Reflection

  1. Apr 9, 2013 #1
    What do the components of the following equation represent :


    To be clear, this represents a wave of the form Acos(kx-wt) after being reflected off a wall.

    I understand that the ∅ represents the phase change of the wave after hitting the wall. The wt is now positive instead of negative because it is travelling in the opposite direction.

    Is this a correct description or have I missed something out ?
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    Seems about right. But I would point out that the actual reflected wave would be something like, [itex]A\cos\left(-kx+\omega t + \phi'\right)[/itex] to actually signify that the wave is moving in the negative x direction due to the reflection. One can then use the properties of the cosine to flip the sign of the argument and absorb the sign change in \phi' into \phi.
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