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Homework Help: Wavelenght, index of refraction and speed

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    THe wavelength of a red helium-neon laser light in air is 632.8 nm.

    A) what is the frequency? ( i already figured this out to be 4.7 x 10^16)

    B) what is its wavelenght in glass that has an index of refraction of 1.50?( i do not know where to or if i have to plug in the refraction into an equation and if i do what equation do i use?)

    C) what is its speed in the glass? ( is this then related to question B? because i do not know how now to bring in v into the equation and what the equation is. i am just confuzed)
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    [tex]\lambda_0[/tex] is the wavelength in air.

    Part c should be easy once you have part b.
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    Btw, you might want to double check that. If your units are Hz, I think you are a couple orders of magnitude off.
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