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Ways to effect an open circuit electronically

  1. Feb 10, 2010 #1
    Hello Experts, :)

    to cause and open circuit mechanically/electrically, i would use a coil type of switch. I wonder what are some of the electronic ways to effect an open a circuit?

    thank you for reading and have a nice day.

    best regards
    Ramone :)
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    Hi Ramone,

    An open circuit could be made electronically through a transistor in the off-region, if I got your question correct.

    You could also create a DC open circuit using a capacitor.

    Best Regards,
    Mohammed Omar
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    There are many ways to open a circuit electrically. Selecting the best one requires matching the characteristics of the switch to the parameters of the circuit. Some things to consider are the voltage, current, switching speed and control requirements.

    From your description of a coil and switch it sounds like you're talking about a relay.
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    Hi sketpic2,
    yes, that is indeed what i was referring to.
    thanks for your advice.

    sincerely Ramone
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    Thanks for the ideas.
    I was thinking of transistor but then to dynamically turn off the current, i need to dynamically increase the resistance to lower the base voltage. I hope my understanding is correct.

    Any suggestions?

    sincerely Ramone
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    Can you give us more details? What kind of current do want to control (amps)? What is the dynamic thing that will be controlling the switch?

    A MOSFET is switched on and off by controlling the voltage at the base. A BJT is switched on and off by controlling the current that is injected into the base.
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