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We need help on piecewise function

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    We need help on piecewise function....

    A gift shop sells pewter mugs for $35. They are currenly running an engraving promotion. The first six letter are free. Each additional letter cost $0.20. Write the piecewise model that gives the price of the mug with x engraved letter..

    PLease help we need it immediately.......:cry:
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    How about the piecewise function? That's basically what we need. =)
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    Oh! Thank you!
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    can you help us with another problem,please
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    the largest pyramid included in the first wonder of the world is Khufu. IT stands 450 feet tall and its base is 755 feet long. Imagine that a coordinate plane is placed over side of the pyramid. In the coordinate plane, each unit represent one foot and the origin is at the center of the pyramid base. Write an abolute value function for the outline of the pyramid...please help
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    In the case you describe, the square base can be defined by the set of two inequalities
    [tex]\left\{ \begin{gathered}
    \left| x \right| = 755/2,\;\left| y \right| \leqslant 755/2 \hfill \\
    \left| x \right| \leqslant 755/2,\;\left| y \right| = 755/2 \hfill \\
    \end{gathered} \right\}[/tex]

    Since the problem does not specify an orientation for the base (only that its center be the origin), any rotational transformation (about the origin) on the square described by the two inequalities can serve as an answer.

    For example, another possible solution is
    [tex]\left| {x + y} \right| = \left| {x - y} \right| = 755/\sqrt 2 [/tex]
    where [tex]\left| x \right|,\left| y \right| \leqslant 755/\sqrt 2 [/tex]
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    could u put into a simplified way?
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    cause we are high school students:wink:
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    Which part do you find difficult?
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    everything. can you explain to us why it's that answer?
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    Don’t worry about the piece wise function part yet. Figure out a formula that will give you the price of each mug for letters 6 and beyond. Then figure out an equation for letters 5 and less.
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