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Website keeping a device from sleeping

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    I searched some forums like stackexchange and they were telling of technique called wakelock to keep a device on a website from dozing . But they seem outdated.
    Got a suggestion from somebody to embed a 1*1 pixel video loop on website so to keep device awake. But is making a 1*1 pixel looping video possible?
    Sometimes device goes to sleep even if a video is running (excluding youtube).
    Does anyone knows what programming can be done to achieve the desired effect?
    I require this for a purpose and it is related to an app.
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    If you want your computer to not go to sleep, just set the sleep time to "never". I think that can be done in both windows and linux.
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    No, I want the effect on person visiting my website.
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    But do they want their computer kept awake by your website?
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    It is basically for a trick someone has developed. The website is a temporary one.
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