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Weight/Strength of aluminum versus plastics

  1. Aug 8, 2013 #1
    At parity of maximum resistance before failure (in the case of aluminum, deformation), weighs less aluminum or plastic?
    Let me explain better: if i apply a force of 1000N on one end of a rectangular plate with a fixed fulcrum on other side, beyond this force both materials deforms / break. The plastic will obviously have a greater thickness of aluminum to counter the force. Now, will weigh more the plate of plastic or aluminum?

    p.s. between all plastics, plexiglass have a good resistance?
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    I think you'd need to look up the density and strength for whatever materials you're interested in.
    This isn't really something that would be well known here on PF.
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    There are many different kinds of plastic you'd have to be specific about which one. I suspect there are different ways of preparing aluminum also (heat treating, peening etc.). You need to be more specific.
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    I've solved, I looked to the flexural strength that is calculated with standard dimensions independently of the material and density of material.
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