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Weird words. Someone please clarify.

  1. Oct 9, 2009 #1
    The average velocity v of an object moving through a displacement during a time interval.

    I understand what average velocity is.

    My question is what does it mean when an object moves THROUGH a displacement.

    I think I've seen this using angles as well.
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    It just means that the object moves from point a to point b. The displacement is measured by subtracting point b from point a. When you're working things out theoretically, you have to chose an origin (the place that you want to call x=0).

    So if you call point a, five meters from x, and your scale is based on meters, then point as is where x=5. And let's say point b is x=12

    Then to move through this displacement, you'd move from x=5 to x=12
    the displacement is 12-5 = 7. You've moved 7 meters (i.e. you've displaced the point 7 meters).

    Sometimes, you're equation doesn't require knowing the origin or the point a and b, it just requires knowing the displacement. Such is velocity. It's the displacement in position over the displacement in time, so going back to our example, if you've moved 7 meters in 2 seconds, then you're velocity would be:

    7m/2s = 2.5 m/s
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