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Weld contact in Ansys Workbench

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    I am new to Ansys workbench. I am doing analysis with simple fillet joint between two plate.
    I would like to learn about creation of weld joint/connection between plates. Anybody can help me to create such realistic connection.

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    The simplest implementation is to created a bonded contact condition between the two parts and ignore the fillet altogether, but this assumes it's a full-thickness penetrating weld. More advanced techniques would physically model the weld bead and then use different material properties in the weld region, but that may be more work than you're looking for.
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    Why use Workbench? This is a simple 2D plane model that can be done very easily using APDL. Also, real life fillet welds are never a perfect triangle, so your results are not worth much unless you know what the stress intensification factor is.
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