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Well, I'm Rhys

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    Not a clue if anyone reads these in all truth, but I'll have a stab at it anyway.

    I'm Rhys, I am an IB student in Kent studying Physics, and hoping to read Mechanical Engineering in university next year. I'm mainly focused on Mechanics, although due to the course being pretty diverse I think I'll have my hand in almost every jar there is.

    Also becoming an Airborne Engineer in the British Army, so that should be pretty interesting, eh?

    Unfortunately, I am no genius, but I'll give anything a decent attempt before scratching my head and asking someone more intelligent than I am.

    Anywho, toodles, I have a lot of knowledge to glean off these forums, and a very pressing Physics issue to address.
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    I read these things! Welcome to PF Rhys! :)
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