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Weyl Transformation and Scalar Product

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    I was reading about Weyl Transformations in Polchinski's book and I have a little doubt: Is it correct to say that under a Weyl transformation the scalars are invariant, i.e., that a weyl transformation preserves the scalar product?
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    Hmm, the Weyl transformation says that if you multiply the metric tensor [tex]\gamma_{(\tau,\sigma)}[/tex] on the world sheet by the exponential of an arbitrary world sheet function, while keeping the X potentials the same, the metric doesn't change. Basically the transformed metric defines the same spacetime embedding as the original, WT being a degree of freedom in the derivation of the Polyakov action from the Nambu-Goto action. So I would say, yes, the scalar product is preserved by WT, and so are all the other tensor operations on the world sheet.
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