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Wha is difference between laminar flow and streamlined flow.

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    I have a doubt about the difference between laminar and streamlined flow. What is difference between those to flows of the liquid. Waht is the reason for the top layer of a liquid to have maximum speed in laminar flow. When does laminar and streamlined flows occur.
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    Streamlined flow is not really a technical term for anything in particular, so I'm afraid your question doesn't really have an answer.

    Laminar flow is, simply put, smooth flow over a surface or smooth flow between two fluids with different velocities. There is very little mixing that occurs and a given fluid particle tends to stay inside its own layer (or lamina) of fluid as it travels downstream. If the flow is laminar, then the concept of streamlines still makes sense inside of these viscous regions. If the flow turns turbulent, streamlines no longer make sense.
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