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A Flow in Porous Media and Granular Beds

  1. Sep 8, 2017 #1
    NOTE FROM MENTOR: The posts in this thread have been split out from a previous thread on a different subject. The current subject is flow in porous media.

    Thank you, Dr Chet. By the way, Have you ever touch the field of liquid flow or multiphase flow in the packed bed? I have some new problems in this fields to consult you.
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    I've done lots of work on flow through porous media (groundwater flow), but not much on multiphase flow.
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    Wow, That's great! The first question is how to model the distribution of liquid within the porous media mathematically if the initial distribution at the inlet is known. I read some papers related to this aspects. But generally, the CFD simulation was adopted. Is there any simple alternatives that can achieve the similar goal?
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    Do you have a specific problem in mind?
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    Not fairly specific. But the basic process is the feed rain is sprayed out by the nozzle of the liquid distributor fixed on the top of the packed bed. Then the liquid flow through an inertial packed bed consisting of some inertial materials like carbon to achieve uniform distribution. The problem is how to predict the distribution of liquid flow with the knowledge of the initial condition. Does it make sense to you, Dr Chet?
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    After the literature research, I learn that there are at least two kinds of model:diffusion type model and Darcy's law. Which one would be better in terms of their simplicity and accuracy? The attachment is the relevant paper.

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    The format for Physics Forums is not appropriate or conducive for presenting a complete treatise on the fundaments of porous media flow and how to model flow and transport in porous media. Much of my own facility with this material was obtained from the book Groundwater by Freeze and Cherry. I highly recommend this book.
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