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What are radio waves and cosmic waves made of?

  1. Dec 9, 2015 #1
    what are cosmic waves and radio waves made of? What's the difference between the two? Can waves like them transfer energy ?
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    I presume you mean cosmic rays:

    As you can see it is a catch all term for all sorts of things, but of relevance to radio waves it includes Gamma Rays which are photons.

    Radio waves is electromagnetic radiation and like Gamma Rays are photons, but of a much much lower energy.

    And yes they have energy and can transfer it to other things.

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    Cosmic rays generally refer to high energy charged particles, such as protons, of interstellar origin.
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    now according to the formula : M(relativistic) = M(real) it has been mathematically proved that nothing can travel faster than light. but when we consider a
    [ 1- {(V)^2/(C)^2} ]^1/2
    photon (which travels at the speed of light), its M(real) is 0 hence its M(relativistic) must be 0 too. well this dosent make sense because a photon does have its energy as well as momentum and hence must obviously have M(relativistic). does it mean that photons must necessarily be waves to have energy or what?
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    ---------- = M(relativistic) this is what i meant above
    [ 1 - {(V)^2/(C)^2} ] ^ 1/2
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    It means the concept of relativistic mass is a crock:

    It also means E=MC^2 says mass is a form of energy not energy is a form of mass.

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