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I What are the applications of YBCO bulks?

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    So I've seen that can-superconductors are selling YBCO bulks (example: https://www.can-superconductors.com/levitation-bulk.html )

    My question, however, is: What are its buyers?

    Who buys this product other than curious enthusiasts who want to witness the levitation of this material by themselves? Is there any useful application of these bulks in real world? Any commercial use?

    Is it profitable to make them? I'd appreciate any kind of input.
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    Discs like that are mainly used by schools etc for demonstrations; I can't think of any "real world" applications.
    If it is profitable? Well, they'be been selling them for a very long time (probably over 20 years) so I would assume so.

    Of course you can shape the YBCO into something else and they you can use it for a variety of things; just have a look at the other products CAN sells.
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