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Homework Help: What cause a phase shift between Ex and Ey of a polarized EM wave?

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    In EM wave polarization. Where is linear polarization where [tex]\gamma[/tex] =0 or [tex]\pi[/tex] . [tex]\gamma[/tex] = +/- 45 deg and amplitude of Ex and Ey are equal to give circular polization etc.

    My question is why there are different angle of [tex]\gamma[/tex] on the first place? If you set the reference at x direction for E wave and y direction of H wave, you would never have polarization because there is no Ey component to speak of.

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    Any opinion?
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    Birefringence arising from anisotropy?

    Eugene Hecht's Optics (probably on the third or fourth edition) is a standard optics textbook that covers this, and is probably available in your university's library.
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    Thanks, I was hoping I can get some simple answers.....This is way over my head!!!:surprised!!!

    I am studying mainly microwave and antenna. I do not even want to touch optics. If you have any opinion about electronics, I would love to hear it.....Like why the wave travel down a coax is circulation polarization?

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