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Homework Help: What color light is transmitted through a piece of red glass?

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    What color light is transmitted through a piece of red glass?

    I thought it would be red?
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    Hello zachcumer this is my first post. If im incorrect im sorry but I do have a firm understanding of physics as a high school student and I am very confident in my work. Anyways to your question. If you are passing light through a red colored piece of glass you will get red light on the other side. The red glass will block out all other colors of the spectrum but will allow red to transmit through. Hope that helps. Have a good night.
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    Assuming a flat pane of colored glass, using colored lights?
    How about if you pass red light through red glass, will it be blocked?
    How about if you pass red light through a green glass- What will the color/frequency of the light which passes through the glass be?
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    White light is made up of blue, red, and green light. When white light strikes red glass, the green and blue light's frequency matches the natural frequency of the electrons in the red glass. Resonince occurs and the electrons in the red glass vibrate more intensely than they normally would, causing the green and blue light to be absorbed by the glass. Due to the absorption, thermal energy is created and the glass heats up. The red light does not get absorbed however, instead the red light is transmitted. The red light causes electrons to vibrate and make the neighboring electrons vibrate until red light is transmitted out the other side.

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