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What color of LED light to use for display of minerals? Cool or warm?

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    I'm going to display my rock and mineral collection in glass door cabinets in the living room. I've found some LED under-the-counter lights, 21 small LED lights per 2-ft string. I plan to use one of the strings for each shelf. They come in two "colors", warm and cool. Sorry, they don't specify any more decent specs for the lights. Given this, would you use a warm light (more like a normal incandescent bulb) or a cool light (like most older fluorescent lights)?

    I know most mineralogists use halogen lights but those generate too much heat and use too much power. I plan to leave these lights on all the time.

    Any other suggestions are welcome!
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    If you want to display reality, cool light to get closest to http://www.rise-lite.com/download/kelvin-color-temperature-scale [Broken]
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    Thank you for your reply and the link to that chart.
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