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Homework Help: What do I do to get the net force

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    This is the question I am given:

    The largest mincemeat pie ever created had a mass of 1.020 x 10³ kg. Suppose that a pie with this mass slides down a ramp that is 18.0m long and is inclined to the ground by 10.0°. If the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.13, what is the net work done on the pie during its decent.

    Ok, we just started this unit. So I know the equation for work. the displacement is 18m and the angle is 10.0°. What do I do to get the net force and how do I make the coefficient come into this problem.
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    since you are on to work then you know how to sum forces correct? Draw out the free body diagram, sum forces, once you have the forces summed I think you know where to go with it. If not let me know.
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    no i dont think im gettin it. can u give a few more clues. thx
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    ok im gettin 327.23 J but i highly doubt it's right
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