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What do you think about this statement I made up?

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    Please don't flame me on this. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very analyitcal person, just like you guys, but everytime I post something people tend to think I said I'm some super genius or something and be sarcastic with me. There are alot of helpful people but please, constructive critism only. Is this really that hard? You can poke flaws etc and say I'm stupid and whatever, but at least make it constructive, I'm 17, at least I'm compassion about alot of things, and have a strong curiousity for alot most teenagers aren't this way. (Generally, at least none that I know of)

    I'm very interested in philopshy. I wanted to study japanese and lingquistics, but I'm too afraid I'm only interested in video games to go there, which I'm sure I will get tired of if I don't get a good job. Its almost unheard of in japan, where discrimation is pretty bad for foreginers, unless you teach english.

    What job can you get with philopshy? I like psychology but don't want to be a pscyhitrits or therapist etc, (please excuse my typing errors, its 1:33 AM and I'm tired). Likewise with philosphy. My grandpa had a degree in it but hes a christian preacher. I dont want to be a preacher

    Ok here's a quote that I made up, I think its accurate:
    One may have intelliience; but without passion and curiousity, it is useless.

    I was interested in putting it in my signature for the playstation forums, but wanted to come here and get your opinion first. It seems correct to me. If you have really good emotional intelligence or believe in multiple intelligences etc it may help but my point is if you don't have an interest to learn anything and are really intelligent then its kinda beside the point? Of course you're gifted but when youre intelligent doesnt it mean you have a capacity to learn more, and retain more of it? But if you're don't want to learn anything, take anyones advice, or are not interestd or passionate, interestd in anything its a moot point


    If you're just an average or below average IQ (I have an iq of like 100) and you have a huge passion and interest in something, with alot of work, you can learn alot and be just better than the person who is intelligent but doesnt have passion for some stuff because of a passion or curiousity to learn about the most basic things.

    IMHO, this is what seperates scientists from your average fast food worker. Scientist have a great passion to learn, right? They also advance technology.

    NOTE: I wanted to add this. I'm not saying that a fast food person doesn't have passion or doesnt study on this stuff, I'm just saying scientist generally (in their profession) want to learn study etc and thats probably why they wanted to be a scientist..

    So call me stupid or whatever, I'm not very smart, but at least I have an interest (Just like you guys) in the most basic quesitons and i Love to learn and study about it.

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    Certainly true. Intelligence is merely a measure of potential to solve problems. Passion, curiosity and hard work can outstrip intelligence alone.
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    "Useless" is a bit strong but I get the idea. I would instead say that intelligence is the second most relevant factor to success after drive. Or I might use the old saying: it's not your aptitudes but your attitude that determines your altitude. And no, you're not stupid at all to believe this.
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    Thanks for both of you for a reasonable and constructive critism post.

    I made a thread earlier on whether playing by ear (Not full orchastras, just the white keys, most any song) was a talent, people relentlessly flamed me and said everyone could do it. They then say it as a joke, but it wasn't.
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    Philosophy- Its a pretty big thing at my school (Jesuit Institution) but I can't see any jobs other than teaching, preaching, priesthood, writer, etc. Philosophy is kinda known for its lack of job opportunities.
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    Philosophy is a popular major for those planning on going to lawschool.
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