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What do you think of the terms used in this article?

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    The article is about something spinning at an incredibly high rate, with a blurb from the scientist saying that the spin rate is so high that the angular acceleration is compared to gravity - which makes no sense since gravity is a linear acceleration, and as well, if it were the tangential acceleration that were meant, these parameters would be normal to each other. And as well, for a celestial body (i.e., that would be required to have any discernible gravity), the tangential acceleration is very, very small (outside of a planetquake.)

    I mentioned that what must have been meant was the centripetal acceleration to be compared to gravity - which would make absolute sense since it is tightly correlated to the angular velocity - and is consistent with being compared to gravity, both concerning the units and the direction.

    Some commenter flamed me for contending this.

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