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What does ##\bar{x}_{\textrm{el}}## represent?

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    In the context of centroids and moments, what do ##\bar{x}_{\textrm{el}}## and ##\bar{y}_{\textrm{el}}## represent?

    For example:

    $$\bar{x}L = \int \bar{x}_{\textrm{el}}dL$$
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    The integral itself looks like a first moment, where the integrand is a function of position. I have no idea where this came from, so I can't go into any more detail.
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    Thanks for your response, mathman.

    Here are some resources that utilize this notation:

    1. (page 1) http://www.sut.ac.th/engineering/Civil/CourseOnline/430201/pdf/05_review.pdf
    2. Vector Mechanics for Engineers:Statics and Dynamics by Ferdinand P. Beer & E. Russell Johnston J.
    Below is an example problem Beer's

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    xEL and yEL represent the location of the centroid of a tiny element of length dL or a tiny element of area dA used to calculate the first moments of length or area.

    Study pp. 1 and 2 of the link carefully. :wink:
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