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What doyou think about Reactor's Rubbia?

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    It use small accelerator of protons and target of lead.
    The lead give out neutrons, these neutrons go to thorio.
    The thorio decay in other elements that now I don't know.
    Does some body know this elements ?
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    I saw.
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    he refers to the "rubbiatron" or "rubiatron", a subcritical reactor oriented to transmutation of nuclear trash.
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    I think proton driven thorium fission is a really nice idea. No chance of meltdown since it isn't a runaway reaction (it needs to be driven by the proton beam) and waste products with much shorter half-lives.

    I must admit to initially being put off by it being promoted by Carlo Rubbia, since he can be a bit odd, but I chatted with him about it in Stockholm not too long ago, and he convinced me that it is a nice idea.
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    I've always felt that our old nuclear waste would one day be considered valuable, and that trying to hide it underground for 100,000 years was unnecessary.

    And the planet has 550 times as much thorium as uranium.

    http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/node/348/ [Broken]
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