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What equations are used for coupled pendulums?

  1. Oct 28, 2015 #1
    This is for just two separate pendulums on a string, not conjoined pendulums or ones with a spring between them. All I can think of is ∆E = mg∆h, v = √2g∆h', t = 2π√l/g' and f = 1/t.
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    I do not understand the system. could you explain the situation with a diagram? Also, what is the question?
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    What equations could you use to explore the dependant and independent variables if I plan to change the length of the pendulums and the distance between them?
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    It's the same as with a spring between them. The spring here is essentially the string connecting them at the top.

    I suppose you could consider a delay as the perturbation travels from the swinging part to the spring string.
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