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What hands on trade would benefit an electrical engineer?

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    I'm going into my second year of a 2 year electrical technology diploma (technologists are like middle men between engineers and technicians), and got hooked on discovery channels' show "biggest brain theory" recently. More than anything, the documenting of the contestants' work in the workshops reminded me that there are a lot of great skills that are out there, but not necessarily ones that are covered in a standard curriculum.

    I am debating between an intro to welding class, perhaps a woodworking class, or something along those lines, but between any of those trades classes does anyone have recommendations for something that would be more applicable and even beneficial in the field of elec. engineering?
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    Wood working in general is great because you are going to need that skill to survive in a house down the road. Or you can pay someone $25 to $35 an hour to work on your house for you who has these skills. However, it will not lend itself towards engineering. But, being able to fall back on this skill in recessions is a great asset. Basic home remodeling skills are always great on any level.

    Welding is good if you are into cars and motorcycles or that sort of thing. Clearly, to make a weld you need a lot of electricity, but again it doesn't really lend itself to electrical engineering. Most people don't need things welded too often, so if you do need a welder prob just better to pay someone. If you do have tons of welds to do down the road, great....go learn it and it will benefit you down the road.

    However, a side job wiring houses absolutely lends itself to electrical engineering. Make money now and you will be more prepared for school. Again, you can fall back to it in recession times as well.
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    thanks psparky. Welding does interest me, but as you mentioned it's probably unlikely that I'll be welding things on my own, while wood-work will likely be commonplace throughout my life.

    Appreciate the feedback!
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    jim hardy

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    Welding engineers enjoy terrific employability in power plant construction and maintenance.
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