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What happens to magnets held in certain position indefinitely?

  1. Aug 28, 2011 #1

    Can someone here settle a debate for me? A friend of mine said that if you hold two neodymium magnets 1" or so apart from each other with attracting ends (N-S) facing each other for prolonged periods of time (years and years), nothing will happen to the magnetic field. I stated, however, that the fields will eventually start to lose their magnetism much faster that letting the charge deplete on it's own (1% every ten years according to what I read).

    He also states that if you pass another magnet through the two magnets held 1" or so through the both of them, also with attracting sides for the whole thing (n-s...n-s...n-s), where that third magnet keeps passing through the two over and over, he said it still won't matter.

    I don't think that's true, is it?
    Thank you much
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    I'm not sure. I've never read anything on this. From my meager knowledge of magnets, I'd guess that it wouldn't cause them to lose their strength faster, but I can't really say anything for sure.
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    The attractive orientation helps magnets keep magnetized. Repulsive was less good at the time of AlNiCo magnets. With neodyme, you shouldn't worry.

    Where does this 1% per 10 years come from? Serious manufacturer data? I've never read anything like that from manufacturers. Nor can I imagine it's independent of temperature.
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