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B What if Earth was exposed to a huge magnetic field?

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    What would happen if the entire Earth was somehow exposed to a massive magnetic field, such as those found near magnetars, like 10^10 teslas, for about 1 second? Would everyone instantly die? What would be the impact of a moving magnetic field vs a stationary magnetic field be? How much time could we be exposed to that kind of field without dying?
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    According to wikipedia, the effects of a magnetic field of that strength would be lethal. See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetar#Magnetic_field

    It's probably a safe bet to say that everyone would be dead in under a second.
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    Course disruption to earths spin over putting us back in ice age and most probably killing us
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    You can levitate a frog with just 16 Tesla.
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    It would become much harder to open the door of your refrigerator.:oops:
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    If you go from zero to ginormous to zero in a second, I'd be worried about the induced electric fields. Zap!
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    As has already been pointed out, that's irrelevant because we would be dead LONG before that happened.
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