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What if Time flows backwards?

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    What if time actually flows backwards?
    Since the next 10 minutes in future will eventually become the past, does that mean time actually flow backwards from future to past? This is assuming that the present doesn't move from the past to the future, and time is flowing through an unchanging present. Just a random thought.[Broken]
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    How do you define "time flow"? Does any observation depend on that definition? If not, it is pointless to discuss it.

    Or "events flow from future to past, time flows from past to future"?
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    This is exactly what I was wondering! Thanks for the clarification!
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    One can construct past directed time-like vector fields but massive particles follow future directed time-like curves.
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    ?siht ekil epyt ot deen ew dluoW
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    but the whole reason the future becomes the past is b/c we're moving in time. If you walked down the road you wouldn't say the road moved behind you...
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    If you walked on a tread mill, would you say the tread moved in front of you?
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