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What is a magnetic field made of

  1. Dec 28, 2009 #1
    i want to know more about magnetic fields and what their made of
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    According to modern physics, magnetic (and electric) fields are photon fields, therefore magnetic fields are made out of energy.
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    Magnetic fields are just relativistic electric fields. And quantum electrodynamics says that the electromagnetic field can be quantized as a photon field. I guess you could say the field is made out of virtual photons (though I wouldn't quite put it that way).
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    I was wondering that too. Some people with particle phyics knowledge told me that it is made up of photons, confusing me further, as i have read somewhere that photons move with a constant velocity
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    If you are really interested in learning about magnetic fields you need to start at the beginning. It just does not make sense to start with the explanations provided by relativity, when the beginner has no idea of either electromagnetism or relativity.

    Unfortunately there is no 2 sentence, or even 2 page explanation which can do the subject justice. I would recommend that you find a used copy of something like Halliday & Resnick. Start at the beginning of the Electromagnetism section and read carefully. If you do not have a math background which includes calculus then you may find the reading difficult.
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