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What is a space/spatail harmonic?

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    What is a space/spatial harmonic?


    I am doing a project on folded waveguides and I am reading some IEEE papers for literature review. I always come across this term "space harmonic" and fail to understand what it is. I have checked online but don't get it. Even posted in the Electrical Engineering section but didn't get any answers.

    Could anyone explain/link me to an understandable definitation of space/spatial harmonic(s)

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    You should really include at least one clear citation to your sources.

    Without seeing that, the only thing that I can come up with is that it is simply a short description of the spherical or cylindrical harmonics, depending on the geometry. These are the well-known solutions to a particular differential equations that are often used in E&M and QM, as well as in many other areas.

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    Thanks for quick reply, here is one of the papers where spatial harmonics are mentioned

    Accurate parametric modeling of folded waveguide circuits for millimeter-wave traveling wave tubes by Booske, J.H

    Do you have access to IEEE papers?
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