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Courses What is covered in a first year undergrad calculus course?

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    What is covered in a typical first year undergrad calculus course? Is it just an in depth study of basic limits/integrals/derivatives? Or do they get into multiple integrals/vector calculus and stuff?

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    In mine (first two semesters), we studied limits, derivatives, and integrals mostly. We got a little bit into vector calc, but nothing more than just a superficial glossing over. We also looked into some series and sequences in my second semester. I'd say it's a fair bet that you'll look mostly and derivatives and integrals of one variable, sprinkled with some mention of other things. Although my experience may or may not be the typical calc (I have no reason to believe it's not, but who knows)
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    Probably depends on the school, but for my 3-term/year school, the first term was differential calculus (derivatives and applications), second term was integral calculus (integration and applications, and yes, multiple integrals), and third term was DiffEqs. Vector applications were used throughout.
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    Cool, thanks alot for sharing that information. I just wanted to know what to expect :).
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    if you look up the AP calc BC curriculuum on the college board you'll see a standard calc 1 and calc 2 syllabus.
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