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Homework Help: What is high temperature material

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    what is high temperature material
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    Usually its a material that exhibits certain properties, or maintains its properties, at very high temperatures without compromising the integrity of the material.

    :rofl: Two special cases: Unobtainium and Utopium, which have any desired property under any condition. :tongue2:
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    Please elaborate on the context or application.
    For example, alloys of the refractory metals W, Re, Mo, Ta and Nb, as well as their carbides, may be considered high temperature materials.

    Certain forms of carbon may be considered a high temperature material.
    http://www.unitedcomposites.net/usapages/hightempperformancecomposites2.htm#HIGH RANGE TEMPERATURES

    Certain ceramics maybe be considered hgih temperature materials, but some are useful only as insulators, while others can be used as structural materials.
    Some silicides, such as MoSi2, Mo5Si3, and Mo5SixBy (where x+y=3), are considered high temperature materials.

    http://www.ms.ornl.gov/htmlhome/default.htm [Broken]

    http://www.external.ameslab.gov/news/Inquiry/98/dragon.html [Broken]

    High temperature structural materials may be used up to a homologous temperature of 0.35-0.40 depending on stress levels. At high stresses, practical application may limit service to 0.3 Tm.
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