What Is It? Update: New Use for a Business Card Holder

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In summary, the conversation discusses the use of a holder for business cards that was identified by @fresh_42. The holder was later found to be useful for holding bus, metro, and light-rail tickets and passes. The user was able to ride for free using a barcode and later registered the card to add money for future trips.
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A few months ago, we had a photo contest, "What Is It?". @fresh_42 identified my entry as a holder for business cards. Even if I'd known what it was before, I've never needed business cards anyway, so I simply used it as a paperweight.

While cleaning off my desk today, I found an appropriate use for it, considering that Parsons Brinckerhoff is involved in transportation engineering. I'm now using it as a holder for bus / metro / light-rail tickets and passes (from dispensing machines) and reloadable electronic smart-cards.


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Thanks! I just rode free using your barcode. Much appreciated! :cool:
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The ticket inspector didn't complain about the card having no money on it? I only put a one-day pass on it when I bought it. I'd better check my credit card account. :wideeyed:
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I looked on the SunRail site and found that they don't have a day-pass, just 7-day and 30-day passes. And single-trip tickets, of course. So I set up an account and registered my card. It turns out to identify your card you use the card number on the back, not the barcode number on the front (whew). I found out I do have a small balance, enough for a single one-zone trip. I also found a list of all the trips I took using the card, during my single day in Orlando on my "Sunshine state road trip" last year. Next time I visit Orlando, I can add money to the card in advance so I don't have to deal with a ticket machine.

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