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What is my future after studying Theoretical Physics?

  1. Feb 14, 2015 #1
    Hi everybody!
    I'm an Italian high-schooler (but I'm living in California for an exchange year) and I love Physics. I decided kinda 6 years ago that I was gonna study Physics at the University, and only now I started deciding the field of physics (but I'm still not sure if Cosmology, Astrophysics and Fundamental Interactions). My big question is: after my 5 years of university, studying what I love, and my PhD, what will I do? What does a physicist do after graduating? Where do you find a job? My ideal job would be in the field of research, but I would appreciate whatever job uses my physics skills to improve the human knowledge of the universe itself.
    Yes, I'm a little bit ambitious, but that's my question!
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    Look to our featured threads section, Zapperz has written up an excellent roadmap for becoming a physicist from highschool onward. Job wise the most typical one would be a professor teaching your topic in a university or college. The next most likely job would be working at a think tank, observatory or lab doing theoretical research.

    The thing to keep in mind though is that your interests may change and you may want to become something else altogether so I'd focus on what you need to do now rather than worry so far in advance.
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    Thanks a lot! I appreciate thins help. And I'll totally follow your advice. Can you post here the link of the thread roadmap thing, I can't find it? Thanks.
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