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What is the amplitude of -sin(x/5 - p)

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    if f(x) = - sin(x/5 - p) are given, then the amplitude must be -1, correct??
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    Re: Amplitude

    Thread moved to homework help. Please take care to post homework and coursework type questions in the Homework Help forum section of the PF, and not in the general technical forums.

    In answer to your question, yes, the amplitude coefficient in front of the sin function is A=-1.

    (EDIT -- See farther down the thread where the magnitude of "amplitude" is discussed... my answer here is wrong)
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    Re: Amplitude

    But the quiz system marked me incorrect?? why??
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    Re: Amplitude

    yes, solve it, the amplitude is -1, but got the symbol ||, so it turns positive.
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    Re: Amplitude

    You were marked wrong because "amplitude" is always positive: here it is 1, not -1.
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