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What is the best way to learn Windows programing?

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    Hello Everyone

    I have just finished learning C++ in my +1 and +2 classes. Now I want to proceed to GUI programing (or Windows programing). However I find that there are too many functions and other things to remember, for a beginner. I mean Windows programing is a whole lot different from what we used to do in C++. Is there an easy way out or did all the programers initially cram these functions before proceeding any further? Also, is there any tutorial suitable for people like me who want a smooth transition from the easy C++ to the complex GUI app programing?

    I have noticed that each GUI application has a basic set of functions and objects. I understand what most of them do. But is it necessary to remember them all too? Or is it OK if I just copy and paste them from one project to the other for the moment, proceed with my task, and hope that I will learn them in due time?

    Useful and helpful suggestions are most welcome.

    Warm regards
    Mr V
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    jim mcnamara

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    It's called the Windows API and, yes, you do have to know a subset of those functions.
    Do your example programs use MFC - Microsoft Foundation Classes? That is also something you have to learn for C++ Windows programming.
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    I don't know anything about MFC. But I want to know if there is a tutorial that teaches Windows programing the same way as C++ is taught i.e. starting with data types and basic things and then building functions, structures, classes etc. with them.

    Mr V
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    I have got the book and will take a peek in it. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Mr V
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    You DO NOT want to learn the Windows API. It's far too complicated and it's a waste of time.

    Instead, learn a decent cross-platform toolkit like wx, Qt, GTK+, or whatever you like best. Your programs will be simple and easily ported to any operating system you like.

    - Warren
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