What is the electric potential?

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Homework Statement

Consider the following figure.

image: http://www.webassign.net/grr/p17-18.gif" [Broken]

(a) Find the electric potential at points a and b for charges of +3.5 nC and -7.6 nC located as shown in the figure.
Va= _____ V
Vb= _____ V

(b) What is the potential difference ΔV for a trip from a to b?
_____ V

(c) How much work must be done by an external agent to move a point charge of +1.50 nC from a to b?
_____ J

Homework Equations


The Attempt at a Solution

I tried multiplying the distance by the charge, which was wrong. Then I tried taking (1/4 pie epsilon not) (charge/r) which was wrong. I don't know what to do, can you please help?
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Your U=kQ/r is not correct! Check the units.
It should read V = kQ/r.
The electric potential due to a charge Q at distance r is kQ/r.

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