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What is the meaning of MY_TABLE TIMES 10 DW 0 in assembly

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    i am new to this one.and this is about assembly programming.on reading about assembly on tutorialspoint i came up to this.i didnt understan it correctly.it says
    "Allocates10 words (2 bytes) each initialized to 0"
    what does this statement mean?
    please someone tell me about the meaning of this statement.
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    This is not assembly code, it is a message to the assembler. This "pseudo-code" tells the assembler to allocate 10 words in memory, creating a name for the first location and make sure they are initialized to 0 at run-time.
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    To be clear: a byte is 8 bits and a word varies based on the CPU architecture you're programming for. Hence for some a word is 16 bits = 2 bytes for others a word might be 32 bits (4 bytes) or 64 bits. Some older architectures like the Honeywell 6000 mainframe used 36 bits per word.

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