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What is the meaning of this circuit symbol?

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    What is the meaning of the topleft most symbol in this Cockroft-Walton schematic?


    It's the box with the zig zag line through it. I noticed that he is using boxes to denote resistors, but the zig zag line and current specification makes me think that it may be a fuse.

    If such is the case, what is a suitable circuit breaker or fuse to use in this application? Will anything rated for a 100mA cutoff and wall AC be suitable?

    If anyone would like to share some of the equations (aka charging time derivations, way to calculate max current intake, etc) for a Cockroft-Walton voltage multiplier, I would appreciate it. I am in high school, so please keep the calculus single-variable, if possible ;)

    Thank you in advance for any responses.

    And yes, berkeman, I am being supervised by an experienced adult :]
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    I would say it is a fuse rated at .1 amp.
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    Me too.
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