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What is the most convient Feynamn diagram drawing tool.

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    what is the most convenient Feynman diagram drawing tool?
    I have only grasped the method drawing feynman diagrams by usual Tex command as drawing other diagrams. For example "\ArrowLine(40.0,150.0)(90.0,150.0) ". But is very clumsy. Do you know other convenient Feyman drawing tool?
    I hear that the package "feynmandraw" can drawing feynman diagrams. However, I did not find it by google, can anyone provide a web link.
    Thank you
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    Vanadium 50

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    I use JaxoDraw.
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    I use powerpoint lol.

    Type in "feynman diagrams, powerpoint" in a search engine, and you'll find a "toolkit" with pre-drawn arrows and squiggles and particle labels. All you have to do is copy, paste, and drag and drop (you might have to ungroup everything and then group everything again though). Once the diagram is drawn, you can save it and then use a command to load the image to Tex.

    I tried all the packages for Feynman diagrams like feynmf, but I'm too stupid to figure out how to use them.
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    Yes, it is indeed very convieient. It may be because we are too affected by microsoft.
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    There is feynmf which you can download on CTAN: http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/feynmf/" [Broken]

    Here you can see a few neat examples:
    http://cnlart.web.cern.ch/cnlart/220/img37.ps" [Broken]
    http://cnlart.web.cern.ch/cnlart/222/img11.gif" [Broken]
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    gonna rez this thread :D

    Just started using jaxodraw, but I can't get the latex output to give a pdf file. I get a "non-PDF special ignored" message and a blank pdf. DVI workds fine, but I don't want to go through dvi-> pdf or anything because I use pdf specific hyperlinks, etc.

    I've seen a few similar posts on the interwebs, (like this http://forums.wolfram.com/student-support/topics/8302 ) but they're not much help. Anybody know how this stuff works, or how to use that cryptic post?

    here is the code:
    i figure it might have to do with the "pstricks" package, but I tired pdftricks and still nothing.
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    Disaffected I think would be how I would put it. :tongue:

    Bunch of cowboys. :wink:

    You could always try hand drawing them and scanning them or is that so passé?
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    well they wouldn't look so nice on a thesis would they
  10. Apr 2, 2011 #9
    Depends how good are you at art?

    I think they would, but then I've seen some pretty impressive free hand drawings.

    If you are crap at drawing though then obviously that idea is out.
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