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What is Wrong With this Idea?

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    If we set out to prove the irrationality of the natural logarithm of π (pie), by writing out the Taylor series centered at zero for the function y=π^x, with x=1, we have:

    π=1+Sum(ln^k(π)/k!) from k=1 to infinity.

    Since we know π is irrational, then ln(π) must be irrational or otherwise π=(a+b)/b

    For integer a and b, why is this not correct?
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    Because any real number is the limit of a rational sequence, and series play this game, too. For example, we know the number [itex]\,e\,[/itex] is irrational, yet


    so, according to your idea, we'd get that [itex]\,1\,[/itex] is irrational...

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    Aw of course, i see now, thanks.
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