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What makes Mech. Engineers versatile ?

  1. Nov 3, 2011 #1
    What makes Mech. Engineers "versatile"?

    Hello, Physics Forums.

    I was interested into knowing what made a mechanical engineer versatile, as I have read? And would pursing Mechanical engineering in school help me to fulfill a possible career(after futher education) in robotics? I have a strong interests in physics, mechanics, but also automation. Also, what can a Mechanical engineer contribute to a world of robotics with his education?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Re: What makes Mech. Engineers "versatile"?

    I don't think anything makes a mechanical engineer versatile. That's a property of the person, not the job or degree.
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    Re: What makes Mech. Engineers "versatile"?

    A mechanical engineer must be inquisitive and willing to confront every impractical and unsound assumption they encounter. Diplomacy and salesmanship are invaluable skills. I found that encouraging the boss to think it was his idea [how hard is that?] is a win-win proposition. Every boss enjoys being surrounded by people who make them feel smart and creative.
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    Re: What makes Mech. Engineers "versatile"?

    so a mechanical engineering is no longer about gears-levers-pushrods and sprockets? ...let me tell you about the rest...
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