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What path should I take?

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I am currently going into my 4th year of my undergraduate degree and I am looking at various possibilities for graduate school. I still havent decided what my concentration will be but over the past 3 years I have aquired a pretty diverse background in economics, physics, math, and computer science. Note that in my university a 'major' is the second most highest concentration in a subject, a 'specialist' is the highest. I have decided so far that I definitely want to do a major in computer science, since it is useful in many areas these days. Now, with a major I need at least 2 minors or one other major. Since I am more interested in Physics then economics I have decided to stop taking Economics and just take the minor and do a major in Physics or Math (There is also the option of a specialist in 'Math and its Applications' with a concentration in Physics which is mostly math). Anyways, the main problem is this: should I take more Math or more Physics? If I take more Math then I have a good chance of getting into a Math Masters program but a slim chance of getting into a Physics program since I only have taken up to second year level courses in Physics. On the other hand, I can take some 3rd year level courses in Physics to complete a Physics major, but then sacrifice the Math courses, which I will most probably need to get into a Math graduate school. Eventually, I want to do theoretical physics so I was thinking to get into Math and then concentrate in Mathematical Physics, but in the same time I think it is important for anyone working in Physics to have some exposure to a laboratory, since this is how theories are tested, and if I go into Physics through Math wouldn't it all be just paper/computer work?
So, just to extend my question, does anyone know of any Mathematical Physics programs out there that come with laboratory exposure or is this too much to ask for?
It's not really clear how much freedom you have in your course selections with the majors and minors. You might get good advice if you talk to some upper-year students or professors at your school.

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