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What should be molten Lead Fluoride or Crayolite Contained In? (Best Crucible)

  1. Nov 13, 2011 #1

    I am willing to do some experiments with molten Lead Fluoride and Crayolite in an electric muffle furnace, but I am not sure what type of crucible to use??? Platinum Crucibles are way too expensive and I am assuming Alumina Crucible is not suitable... so, are there any other alternatives?

    Thank You.
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    Have you tried graphite?

    Alumina would work in theory, as it has a higher melting point than either cryolite or PbF2, but then again it depends on your maximum process temperature and what you're trying to accomplish.
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    Graphite seems like a good alternative... Thanks.

    I am trying to synthesize Corundum Crystals. :)

    This is a similar experiment:

    My maximum operating temperature will be below 1200 Celcius.

    How about a Zirconia Crucible ?

    Is cryolite able to dissolve Zirconia / Graphite like it does with Alumina? I couldn't find any phase diagrams online...

    Thanks again. I highly appreciate your contributions.
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    This is why I like replying to threads - I always learn something!

    I've never actually worked with cryolite, and hadn't looked into its usefulness. Not sure of it's compatibility with those materials and would have to research it myself.
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