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Detect Airflow + Regulate Temperature

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    Heyo, first post here...! Sorry for my English and I will reword anything if it is needed.
    I've been struggling to solve this for a few days, please help me with some insight or intuition.

    I have application with a a heating element leading to little ceramic crucible, there is an airflow in and airflow out of this crucible.
    I need to...
    A. Only heat the crucible when airflow is detected
    B. Keep the temperature of the air within 200-250C

    Extra info. I can think of...
    -For airflow detection, I first thought about making a thin plate held down by gravity that would break a circuit whenever the air lifted the plate. I foresee the issue of the plate getting stuck in the "off" position and am not sure if it is still the best way to go. My immediate thought is to rip apart one "Blu eCig" and steal its secrets.

    -For temperature detection, I think immediately of thermistors or thermal couplings but have no experience with them. Online reading does not give me a good idea of how to incorporate two of them for keeping air within a range.

    -Heating element is a NiChrome wire and I have not yet solved what the input power will be.

    Perhaps this assignment is too complex for me, but these are the only two things I cannot figure out. Thank you for all links to literature, advice, opinions.
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    Start by reading through http://www.nxp.com/documents/application_note/APPCHP6.pdf [Broken].
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