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What the bleep! 3 hr seminar on the soul

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    Should we be concerned that The University Of Queensland is allowing this garbage to infect the minds of these students?

    Something tells me Dr Fred Alan Wolf is not qualified to lecture on modern science and especially quantum physics, what a joke!
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    I think the jokes on the people who pay $100 to see that :P
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    Wow... :mad:

    (btw Pengwunio - $100 is only $73)
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    Still too much :P
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    You know, somewhere I read that there was a decline in the number of physicists in the United States, maybe it was a money thing, or maybe it was an anti science thing, and I’m not all too sure what the situation is like in Australia, but I can’t imagine it being all that much better. Is it just me, or is this whole What the Bleep “documentary” seen as “cool?” you know pseudoscience all of a sudden becoming popular. If it’s not ID sweeping the globe like a disease, we now have pseudoscience make the rounds. “Real science, nah, I’ll pass, just give me the speculative theories, and have some guy lecture me on how science supports his ideas of the supernatural. You know, cause that makes me feel good, and I can’t handle the real world, I’m comfortable in my own little world and the delusions most of us seem to share, and make me pay through the nose, cause that way I feel like I’m getting something for my money.”
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    The problem is that it is economically infeasible to get a PhD. The increased income is not enough to offset the years of income lost while getting the degree. Basically, there is the only benefit at all is the subject matter itself. Economically, PhDs lose. Not that that will stop me.
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    What??? Could you please do something to substantiate this claim please.

    I will make a general case.

    Lets say you already have your BS in some degree and are making $40,000/yr a year, seems reasonable to me. Then you go to school for, say 8 years (probably a little long, but lets keep it) and you now have your phd in something. Now with your Phd you are making say $75,000/yr, seems reasonable.

    Lets say you want to work until you are 55 years old, and then retire.

    Lets say you graduated with your BS at the age of 23. Therefore you would have got your phd when you were 31.

    55-23 years at $40,000/yr = $1,280,000
    55-31 years at $75,000/yr = $1,800,000

    So your phd would end up allowing you to make almost 1.5 times as much as you would have getting just your BS. Granted I did not include raises, but I would say they would cancel out. Please correct me if I am wrong, or am missing something. I did not include student loans as I believe most Phd students can support themselves by being a TA or whatever.
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    Also, I'm not sure that it really costs that much to get a PhD. Especially in the sciences, most of the better universities will fund you. Even in the humanities, you can get a teaching fellowship. In either case, you have to work (research and teaching), but that's what you're learning to do anyway. The schools that really send you into much greater debt are the professional schools, but the graduates of these (law school, medical school, dental school) usually do make enough additional money to more than justify living like a pauper until you're in your thirties.
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