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What those words on yearly performance review realy mean

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    Every wonder what your boss is really trying to tell on his yearly performace review....

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    "People can question his judgment, but they should never question his dedication and work ethic."

    Interpretation: "No matter how hard he tries, he's still dumber than rocks."
    "His creative and innovative methods are impossible to duplicate."

    Interpretation: "How he could lock the keys inside the closet when you need the key to lock the closet is beyond me!"
    "Quick learner who is able to adapt to unique situations."

    Interpretation: "Yeah, sure, he should have set the parking brake, but learning how to unlock the door of a van as it bounces backward down a hill over uneven terrain on a moonless night can't be an easy task to master."
    "A man whose integrity qualifies him for political office."

    Interpretation: (none needed)
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