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What to do about textbooks with solutions

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    edit: whoops, the title should read, "what to do about textbooks with no solutions"

    So I'm trying to learn real analysis (using C.C. Pugh's book) and its going alright until I hit the exercises. There are no solutions! How am I supposed to know I proved something correctly? Is there a website with some proofs written down?
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    If you're not sure, you can always post the question along with your solution to the homework forums here. Most likely you will get a response, if you take the time to express it clearly.
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    The only problem with that option is time. For people going through many problems, this becomes inneficient. Perhaps you could try to find a study group? Working on the same problem separately and then comparing answers will greatly reduce the amount of mistakes you do. You could always go see one of your professors (If they're willing to spare the time) so that they can check over your work.

    If not, then, as the poster above said, post your questions here.

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    Check out this http://www.ms.unimelb.edu.au/~rubin/math127/" [Broken]

    it's a little disorganized but it does post some solutions to selected problems from the text.
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