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What to minor with a ee degree?

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    prospect ee major here. What would be a good minor to go with an ee degree?

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    Probably mathematics and statistics with some theory of probability. Or you could minor in physics or mechanical engineering.
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    What are you goals after college? It all depends. It also depends what you are interested in.
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    I think this is absolutely correct.

    It's also important to keep in mind that calling something a "minor" doesn't really help you at all. The important thing is the content of the courses and how it feeds your interests and furthers your goals.

    If you see yourself in management, take a few business or economics courses. If you are interested in more advanced engineering, consider a few graduate courses. If you can't make up your mind, take a few art history, music, or philosophy courses.
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    I am trying to get my gpa to be high enough for grad school for ee, is a minor in music any good? since i am taking music courses, and thinking about doing ee with double major, and really really confused....

    any more insights?

    thanks for replying!
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